4 ounces of undyed combed wool top.  It is made of 100% Naturally Colored Gotland wool that can be spun, felted, or crafted to create any number of effects.   This fiber takes dye moderately well and can be overdyed to create amazing, rich, deep colors.  This fiber is feltable and can be used in wet felting, nuno felting and needle felting.  Gotland sheep are classified as longwools and their fleeces do not have the crimp we typically picture when we thing of wool but rather silky, shiny locks that fall in curls.  Because there is no crimp the resulting yarn does have much elasticity but creates a siny and wonderfully drapey fabric.   If you are unsure ask for a sample by emailing mywoolobsession@outlook.com and just pay shipping :)


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(This is combed top "roving" used for search purposes.)


For full-bump bulk orders please contact me at mywoolobsession@outlook.com

4 Ounces Grey Gotland Combed Top Natural Color Roving Undyed Spinning Fiber